Such as specialised product requires a comprehensive knowledge of the market and our Medical team have the ability to guide you through the process of finding a suitable product to protect you when you need it most. Medical Professionals are exposed to a highly litigated field and correct protection is vital to ensuring a long career in the industry.

Key benefits offered by Acquire recommended Medical Indemnity Policies

  • Unlimited retroactive cover (“tail cover”) for prior practice ensuring compliance with Medical Board requirements for all prior practice in Australia
  • Extended Continuous Cover for certain prior known matters and patient incidents, meaning continuity is upheld when you switch
  • No Excesses anywhere on the policy
  • Unlimited Defence Costs in addition to your $20m limit
  • Privacy Breaches covering fines and penalties, including the cost of notifying regulators and patients
  • Reputation Protection Costs for defamation arising out of social media, and public relations costs to safeguard your reputation
  • Loss of Income for loss of earnings for time away from your practice while attending court or arbitration in relation to a claim
  • Public Patients Cover to automatically cover public patient claims in your practice speciality where your hospital or area health service does not indemnify you
  • 2 months free introductory offer
  • Getting Started in Practice Discounts providing substantial savings for the first 4 years for doctors starting in private practice

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